Online Sessions

I am also able to offer recording sessions over the internet which cuts out travel expenses and other costs.

All I need is a guide track (which should ideally be as complete as possible) with some sort of instruction as to what you'd like me to play. This can be anything from a few rough ideas right through to a completely notated score, depending on how much control you'd like over the finished product. It can also be useful to receive a short list of example tracks or influences that you'd like me to listen to (perhaps YouTube or Spotify links) as this helps me to get a better sense of what you're after.

Once I have the guide track and details I'll record a rough draft and email it to you for approval. This gives you a bit more creative control and lets you develop your own ideas further if needed. Once I've had your feedback I'll go into the studio and record it properly. The final copy wont necessarily match the draft note for note, but I'll do my best to keep anything you especially liked and make whatever changes you've asked for. In the end, you can expect to receive roughly three or four complete takes which you are welcome to edit however you wish. This gives you ultimate control over what goes in your track!

What does it cost?
Each song is unique and so costs vary, but I usually charge somewhere between 80 and 100 per song. I also expect to receive a free copy of the completed recording and I reserve the right to publish an audio clip (no more than half of the complete track length) on my site. I will also post a link to your website, facebook, bandcamp, etc. alongside the audio example and I will aim to promote your work on platforms such as twitter and my personal blog as well.

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