Merry Christmas!

Saturday, 24th December 2016

It's been rather a while since I last did one of these and I wonder if blogging might become a pretty decent resolution for the new year. Just like everything else in life, it just comes down to finding (or, more to the point, making) time.

Its been a fantastic year filled with new experiences. I've been blessed with becoming a dad and getting to watch my amazing little man doing everything for the first time has been pretty awesome. He's now at his grandparents (where I intend to be in a few hours) and somehow seems to be looking forward to Christmas without having any idea what it actually is. The most incredible thing has been to see how much he clearly loves his family, even at just 8 months old!

As a musician, life has become a little bit insane this year. I'm gigging, teaching and writing more than ever and really struggling to fit in time to develop my own skills. This perhaps needs to be the other resolution for the new year. My new band The Night Before Tomorrow (or just 'Before Tomorrow' for short) should be launching at some point next year but I've got a lot more to write and rehearse with the guys before that'll be ready. Watch this space! I've also resurrected my old sax quartet which has been a LOT of fun. I'm writing a book at the moment as well, so that should hopefully be available by the end of the year. Need to get this website finished as well! Is it possible that I'm trying to do too much?

Anyways, time to crack on with a few more things and I badly want to get a little practice in before packing up for Christmas as well. I'll leave you with a few backstage photos from The Soul Monkeys' Christmas residency at Quex Park in Birchington, as well as a couple of other snaps I've grabbed over the past week or so.

Thanks to everyone who's made this such a fantastic year and I look forward to seeing you all in 2017! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday.

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Hannah and Ellis' wedding

Tuesday, 19th July 2016

Beautiful wedding at The Barnyard in Upchurch on Saturday. I must start taking photos so I can show you these places. The couple were lovely and all the guests and venue staff were brilliant. The couple asked me to learn a few songs specially to perform on their day and I decided to use the chance to mess about with my new Focusrite recording gismo whilst I was working them out. Then today I threw those recordings into a little video which I think turned out pretty ok for an iMovie novice. So anyways, let me know what you think.

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Here's irony for you ...

Tuesday, 5th July 2016

I have the world's most annoying birthday (well, maybe 2nd only to Christmas Day) - 1st January. When I was growing up it was great - everyone was always off school and you could do what you liked. So long as you weren't up to anything too outrageous, adults were always too concerned with nursing headaches to care! Upon getting older however, I soon discovered that everything was always closed and everyone I knew was always hung over (or tired, at the very least) and invariably broke. Doesn't make for a great party. To top it off, as a musician New Years' Eve is pretty much the one night of the year you really need to be busy. If you aren't gigging on NYE you seriously want to consider another career path!

So anyways, a few year ago I had a tantrum. I thought "it's my birthday, so I'll change it". Well, you can't really change your birthday - that's the anniversary of an indisputable, historical event. However, you can change the day on which you choose to celebrate. So I decided to celebrate my half birthday instead. Easy.

So the first few years went by perfectly. It took a while for a few great aunts to catch on (they'd still send me cards in January) but eventually even the most distant relative seemed to get on bored. 1st January goes by with nothing more than a "happy new year!" and then 1st July was party time.

So anyways, this year is my 30th. I technically hit the milestone at new year with plans to celebrate in July as usual, but what do you know ... 1st July comes along and not only do I have a gig but I'm booked to play at someone else's 30th birthday! You couldn't make it up!

To be fair, it was actually a really fun gig with a great atmosphere and top audience. It was at a cafe/restaurant in Folkestone called Anna's (you should go there - it's lovely) - a really intimate gig.

Anyways, we had lots of friends and family round for a big BBQ in the back garden on Sunday and I had a great time, so all's well that ends well. But still, how about the irony?

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New Site Design

Tuesday, 14th June 2016

So pleased to get my new site design up and running. There's lots to finish and its going to be pretty involved when its completed. It will hopefully form an entire portfolio of everything I do as a musician (writing, teaching, solo, bands and more) so there's lots left to do.

Two quick shouts ...

Firstly, thanks to Kylie and all the team at The Old Kent Barn for putting on a fantastic wedding show on Sunday. Loads of couples through the door, lots of interest and a generally fun day all round. And I'm back there for a wedding on Friday as well.

Secondly, watch out for my improvisation courses and workshops coming soon.  The next will be hosted by All Sorts of Music near Deal in Kent and is booked for the first Tuesday in August. Its aimed at older children through to adults and will give a really great start to anybody (any instrument and ability) who wants to learn how to be creative with music. Prices are yet to be confirmed but they're set to be really cheap for what you're going to get. More details to follow.

The little man has his first cold today and is decidedly unimpressed by the whole thing. I'd best get back to being dad. Have a little browse while you're here!

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Alexander Centre Wedding Fair

Tuesday, 6th June 2016

Another busy weekend featured a couple of gigs and a fun wedding fair in Faversham. Here's a couple of quick videos that we grabbed during the quiet bit at the end! Thanks to Lynsey and her team at The Alexander Centre for their fantastic hospitality!

Filming by Samantha Jones and Jason Allen.

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Crazy week!

Wednesday, 1st June 2016

Things have been so busy since I started blogging, that I've totally forgotten about it!

The gig season is well underway and after a bizarrely quiet spring I'm now due to be out at least a couple of times a week until the end of October. I'm also in the process of decorating our bedroom (I'm quite happy with most DIY jobs but I've always hated painting with a passion!) and my son had his 8 week injections today and has been suitably cranky ever since! To be fair, if you multiply the length of the needle by the difference between the size of his leg and mine, its probably the equivalent of me being attacked with a lance! No wonder he's looking a little sorry for himself!

Yesterday was fun - I spent the morning visiting a couple of up and coming wedding venues under my alter ego of the Kent Wedding Saxophonist ( I can't show you much of one of them as the website isn't yet up and running (I'll try and post here when it is), but its well worth taking a look at the other. Its called The Winding House and is an award winning venue in Coldred between Canterbury and Dover. It's a converted Victorian coal refinery and is strikingly different from the norm with its classic exterior and contemporary, almost industrial decor inside. I should have taken some photos ... I must get used to this whole blogging lark! The lady who owns/runs/inhabits it is really lovely and we hit it off right away - hopefully I'll be playing a few weddings there next year.

In other news ... if you use Periscope (mobile video broadcasting app) then please follow me - @davebraziersax. I streamed a gig from the side of the stage at the weekend and it was a big hit. Well, big-ish ... these things take time to properly pick up!

I'm looking forward to the wedding fair at The Alexander Centre in Faversham on Sunday - pop along if you're free. And the open day at The Old Kent Barn next weekend should be great as well. Its all go, go, go!

Sorry this blog is all just text (mostly just my midnight rambling!) and I want to be posting some more photos, videos and audio soon. I'll be doing some recordings and videos once my studio is finished in a few weeks time, so watch this space!

Anyways, that's enough from me for now. Much love.

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My Very First Blog

Friday, 20th May 2016

Hi, and welcome to my new blog! I've been wanting to get around to this for ages but life takes over and other things become the priority. I'm hoping that this will become an outlet for thoughts on life as a musician, teacher, husband, father (my first is nearly 2 months old) and all the other various hats I wear.

Anyways, here's something I came across last week that might entertain/humour you a little ...

I grew up as the UK's biggest John Mayer fan and I ended up transcribing one of his songs as part of a college course. I wrote out all the parts for a class and then was asked to put together a band to perform it. There's some pretty dodgy tuning (not helped by the recording quality ... that's my excuse anyway!) but I thought that 20 year old Dave singing and playing guitar (with a very questionable haircut!) might offer some amusement to the world ... enjoy!

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